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With over 30 years of experience in concrete, our company offers competitive rates in concrete grinding, polishing and sealing of your Industrial, Commercial & Residential projects- indoor and outdoor.  A lot of new homes today are being engineered with concrete floors on single and multi levels. WE can offer to give your concrete floor a finish that is both pleasing to the eye and virtually maintenance free. 

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We grind, polish & seal concrete on the following:

* Existing concrete counter tops  * Existing concrete garage floors, walkways & patios  * New build or newly poured concrete on new homes

* Seal new or existing foundations  * Seal any concrete decorative ornaments  

We can also offer small repairs on cracks in any concrete surface

Large or small - we do it all!

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Concrete Pool Decks


Here at Distinct Concrete Solutions, we make our clients our top priority.  We can offer solutions to many different aspects of the finish that the client has in mind.

Your go to company for all your concrete grinding, polishing and sealing needs in Victoria BC.

We work with many Concrete Contractors in the Vancouver Island region.

Polished Concrete

Interior Floors & More!

 Are you a car enthusiast?   How about a mirror finish on your floor that allows you to see the reflection of your car?  Nothing like having a showroom floor in your own home!

Do you have an outdoor concrete patio or walkway - maybe it surrounds a pool or fabulous garden. Imagine a finish that perfectly complements the space!

We can take a dull concrete space and give it a whole new life!

Concrete Grinding Polishing and Sealing

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Your home is your investment!  Are you looking to sell?  Most homes have a garage with a concrete floor that is poured, then smoothed out by concrete finishers and that's it!  Spills happen and most garage floors have staining due to drips from cars parked inside.  INCREASE the value of your home by having your garage floor sealed and polished!  Spending a few dollars to make it stunning in turn has the potential to add a HUGE value to your property...

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Do you have an existing concrete counter top?  Maintenance is very important!  With concrete being a durable product, a concrete counter top makes for a very sanitary, easily cleaned up way to go as far as counter tops go! Grinding smooth then polishing and sealing leaves the room with a very esthetically pleasing look, and it beats having to replace  your counter top in the future.  You can easily renew the look of your concrete counter top to go with your décor by simply adding a coloured stain to it.




Here at Distinct Concrete Solutions we offer services for not only residential, but commercial and Industrial aswell.    Whether it be for a commercial store, warehouse or apartment building,  we have the solution for you!  We can make the entrance way of any space not only safe but satisfying and inviting!  Take a dull concrete space and make it pop with the look of Terrazzo.   New construction starting?... ask us what the best concrete pour would be prior to starting to get the end result you are after.  We can help with that.

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