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For many years concrete has been a durable and cost saving material used in both commercial and residential projects both indoor and outdoor.  Bringing life and  a distinct

look to concrete counter tops, a concrete floor in a home, commercial space, pool deck, outdoor patio or walkway for customers is our passion.  We work closely with our clients to bring their vision to reality.  

To get the desired look of any concrete surface you are after it starts with the quality of the concrete mix, then the type of finishing done.

We have the ability to work with the concrete suppliers and the concrete finishers on behalf of our clients, if they wish, so they receive the quality and can attain the desired finish of their concrete surface they are looking for.

"Our work is a reflection of our passion"


Grinding and polishing a concrete surface involves several steps.        


  1. The first is the GRIND..with the use of diamond embedded pads in various grits we grind to level the surface of your concrete floor all the while revealing the type of look you want for your surface.  

2. Once the desired look of the concrete is attained the next step is a DENSIFIER.  This is the application of a PERMANENT INTERNAL MEMBRANE that protects and seals the freshly ground surface from many different issues that any surface may encounter such as weather, spills, staining & wear and tear from everyday use.  The surface is left waterproof and harder. The densifier cures to a an invisible and non slippery finish.  

3. The final step is the POLISH.  This is step, where you, the customer can choose your SHINE.  You can choose a SATIN, SEMI-GLOSS or a HIGH-GLOSS finish.



  • COST IS LOWER - If you have an existing concrete surface and want to upgrade the look, you save by not having to have a whole new surface poured.
  • REDUCED MAINTENANCE - Concrete that is professionally refinished and polished will only require sweeping and damp mopping. No chemicals or soaps required to clean it.                  
  • AMAZING LOOK - No one else's project will look like yours ... As every concrete surface has a distinct look you can be assured that your project will be 100% unique. Not only will a  one of a kind looking floor in your home or other surface indoor or outdoor wow your friends and family, it will also increase the value of your investment.

Types of Finishes



This is exposing the medium aggregate stone in your concrete. Grinding down to meet the stone, this finish will give you the look of Terrazzo which is the appearance of stone all through out the surface.  Currently, one of the most popular looks.  Call Distinct Concrete Solutions prior to your concrete pour so we can guide you on the type of concrete mix that is recommended.



This is a light grind of your concrete surface that allows the look of fine and coarse sand to show.  If you like the beach, then this is the look for you.



To obtain this look of natural concrete it involves an already smoothly poured concrete. We then lightly grind the surface to remove any high spots/ridges, followed by a polish.  This will give your floor a unique look as any discolourations or imperfections in the concrete will show through.

 *As a reminder all these types of finishes would be sealed to protect and waterproof the look from weather, staining and normal wear and tear from everyday use. 


Any concrete surface that has been recently poured or recently ground to a particular finish does require sealing.  This is the final step in finishing your surface for you.   Because it is porous, it can allow dirt and moisture to penetrate which can stain.  By sealing immediately after the surface has been prepared to the look you are after,  this will prevent that from happening and will keep your surface looking new and clean.

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If you simply have a concrete surface that may be somewhat uneven... ask about a simple grind of the surface.